Introducing the Build My Car Deal at Rafferty Subaru

"Save Time - Buy Online"

Rafferty Subaru is streamlining the time-consuming process of purchasing a new Subaru, pre-owned Subaru, or used car or truck by removing the time and stress that visiting dealerships involves.  We want to make shopping with Rafferty as stress-free an experience as possible. We think car shopping should be easy, fun and as quick and painless as possible, and we've launched the "Build My Deal" process to help you through purchasing your next vehicle!

When you use the Build My Deal online features, we guarantee it will save you time when shopping with us. You'll be able to value your trade-in, reserve your favorite new or used Subaru, and navigate through "Finance and Specials" options.

Once you've found your dream vehicle just click "Build My Deal" button to begin the purchase process.
  • Fill in some Basic Information.
  • Let us know about any Trade-In Details.
  • Fill In Your Contact Details
  • Select your Desired Payment (you can customize as needed)
  • Confirm Your Details to Reserve and Schedule Test Drive. Your car will be waiting for you!


1. Value Your Trade - Save up to 30 Minutes!

Sell your old vehicle quickly and easily. Simply give us the information on your car, and we will give you a tentative value. Of course we’ll still have to complete an in-person inspection and review when you bring your car in for the trade, but this will save you time - as much as 30 minutes! You’ll also be able to use the value of your trade towards your next vehicle purchase.

2. Personalize Payments - Save up to 50 minutes!

In this step you can choose whether you'd like to purchase or lease, and make adjustments to find your perfect monthly payment. By personalizing your payment, you’ll know how much you can afford, and it will also save you time - almost an hour!

3. Pre-Qualify for Credit - Save 30 Minutes!

Worried about your credit? We can help! Use our pre-qualification tool and give us the information we need to let you know what your financing options are. Of course, if you know your credit score, we invite you to skip our pre-qualification process and go right to applying for financing.

4. Apply for Credit - Save up to 1.5 Hours!

Use our financing form so our team can quickly get to work on securing a low interest auto loan that works with your budget, and save an hour and half!

5. Review our Protection Plans - Save up to 15 Minutes!

Here we invite you to review all of the protection plans offered by our dealership. You’ll be able to see our extended warranties, maintenance plans, wheel and tire repair, windshield repair, GAP insurance and more.

6. Reserve Your Vehicle Now - Save up to 1 Hour!

Now comes the truly fun part! You've quickly valued your trade, you know what you can afford, you have applied for financing, and it’s time to reserve your vehicle! After you complete this final form, you'll be directed to a secure PayPal page. Here you can hold your vehicle by making a payment using any major credit card or a PayPal-linked bank account. Best of all this payment is applied to your down payment, and your reservation payment can be cancelled without obligation.

If you still have questions about this process, please visit our showroom to speak with a member of our knowledgeable and friendly sales team, or give us a call. We are conveniently located on Route 3 in Newtown Square, PA, just a short distance away from West Chester, Malvern, Downingtown and Media, PA. We look forward to meeting you, helping you along your car buying journey, and saving you stress and time!

To begin your Rafferty Subaru Build My Car Deal Online experience, first browse our inventory to find the vehicle you are interested in. Then simply click the Build My Deal blue button located directly below the “Rafferty Price” button. Or you can get started by calling us directly.

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There are few things in life as stressful and time-consuming as purchasing a car. Researching the best cars on the market, trying to find the best deal for your trade-in, and working around car dealers promising you the moon all takes time and energy that most people just don't have. Wouldn't it be great if all the features that you needed were in one easy place and you could save yourself the time and effort of buying a car? The Build My Deal feature on aims to do just that. 

What does the Build My Deal feature on do?

Build My Deal is a new online feature from Rafferty Subaru. Its function is to make the car buying process seamless and stress free for potential clients. Often, car buying is a multi-step process that requires a lot of time and resources. Build My Deal allows you to focus on the step-by-step process all in one place, so you don't have to search around for the answers and prices you are looking for. The Build My Deal feature gives you the opportunity to find the value of your trade-in, reserve a new or used Subaru vesicles that you are interested in, and provides you with information and resources to assist with financing and credit questions.

Why buy a car online?

Buying a car online is a great option because it removes a lot of the pressure that you may feel if you purchase at a dealership. By choosing to buy online, you can research cars and prices beforehand. This way, you are equipped with information and bargaining power when you decide to make your purchase. The Build My Deal feature also allows you to select the features you'd like for your vehicle to reserve your vehicle once you've customized it. 

What is the best app for buying a car?

CarMax is probably the most popular and well-known online car buying app at the moment. It can be a great option, providing potential buyers with thousands of cars to compare and choose from. The downside is that CarMax's prices are often higher than its competitors, while trade-in prices tend to be very low. Also, you'll have to pay a fee to transfer any vehicle that is found in another location. Rafferty Subaru has a great selection and is local and convenient. 

What is the best online car buying service?

Carvana is a user-friendly site that has a lot of options, and directly owns the cars that are sold, so you won't have to deal directly with a large number of dealerships and salesmen in order to purchase a car. However, unless you are near one of the five cities that have a Carvana hub, you will have to pay to have your car transported, so this is an extra expense for buyers. Additionally, if you decide to do a trade-in you'll have to deliver it yourself, and this can be extremely costly.  Conversely, there is no additional fee to use the Build My Deal feature on

Is TrueCar a good way to buy a car?

TrueCar offers much of the convenience of other car buying services, but its prices are not necessarily great deals, but rather MSRP pricing that buyers will be able to find at almost any car dealership. One major downside of TrueCar is that buyers must choose a deal from a dealership that TrueCar has partnered with. This can exclude a large portion of vehicles from consumer access.  The Build My Deal feature allows buyers access to Rafferty Subaru's entire inventory of new and used vehicles. 

Can you test drive Vroom cars?

Vroom now gives buyers the opportunity to test drive vehicles for a period of 7 days or up to 250 miles. However, the downside is that you would actually have to complete the buying process before you can take a test drive, so it's a bit like putting the cart before the horse. Contact Rafferty Subaru any time at 866-781-3783 or stop in to schedule a test drive. 

The Build My Deal feature at Rafferty Subaru gives you all of the perks of buying online, with all of the benefits of dealing with a local, trusted car dealership. Rafferty Subaru is pleased to offer the convenience of online buying, while its professional and courteous staff are available seven days a week to assist.