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Patiently Waiting for EV from Subaru

Subaru is taking their campaign, “Subaru Loves the Earth,” very seriously.  Subaru of America has announced that it will be making it’s first line of electric cars.  Not only does this green automotive manufacturer make sure that environmentally conscious projects are funded such as the National Wildlife Federation, they also want to ensure their vehicles are in line with their core green values.  Subaru is prioritizing spending on electrification over other technologies, like autonomous driving and connected cars, as it races to bring a plug-in hybrid model to market next year and an all-electric vehicle by 2021. The company…
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How to Save Money on Gas

With the increase of gas prices, especially during the summer months, many travelers look for ways to save money on gas. Whether you make small changes to your driving or shop around for the best gas prices, there are a number of easy solutions to keep some of your hard earned money in your pocket. We have created a listed of tips to help you save money on gas.

1. Drive Smarter
In order to improve your gas mileage, it is best to drive at a smooth steady pace. A car consumes the most amount of gas when it accelerates…
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How to Keep Your Road Trip Eco-Friendly

A road trip is on the agenda for many of Philadelphia's Subaru owners this season, whether it's to go on vacation, visit friends or family, or just get out of the city for a while. While a road trip isn't exactly the most environmentally friendly activity, there are several ways you can reduce your carbon footprint while enjoying the freedom and open roads that summer brings. 

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Bring in Your Old E-Waste to Rafferty Subaru for the Subaru Loves the Earth Event

There's still time left in April to do your part to help mother earth with the Subaru Loves the Earth Event. Throughout the month of April, Rafferty Subaru is hosting an E-Waste Recycling Event in our store to collect unwanted electronics. The first 50 customers who participated received a complimentary environmental badge of ownership.   

By helping you to recycle electronic items that you don't use, we're collectively working together to show our…
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