Your Subaru SUV is a great vehicle for your next off-roading adventure. Read on to discover our suggestions for top off-roading destinations and the right off-roading accessories to make your trip outstanding.
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What are the Best Places to Take My Car Off-Road in Pennsylvania?

If you are ready to hit the trails in your Subaru SUV but prefer to stay local, we have good news for you. Pennsylvania has several phenomenal off-roading destinations. Bald Eagle State Forest in Center County, James Path near Trevorton, and Rock Run in Patton, are all exceptional locations in Pennsylvania where you can hunt, fish, camp, and off-road to your heart’s delight. So grab your off-roading accessories, get in your Subaru, and go! These top off-roading destinations are right in your backyard.

What Are Some Good Destinations for Off-roading on the East Coast?

If you are willing to take your Subaru a little farther from the Philadelphia area but want to stay on the East Coast, there are many off-roading destinations to choose from. Do you love the beach? Then consider Cape Cod National Seashore in Massachusetts, with its 40 miles of pristine beaches. If an inland forest off-roading destination suits you better, Pachaug State Forest in Connecticut will fit the bill nicely. Fortunately, your Subaru SUV can be fitted with the right off-roading accessories to make your trips to these East Coast destinations safe and fun. 

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What Accessories will I Need to Bring for my Off-road Trip?

The off-roading accessories you bring can make or break your trip to your favorite off-roading destination. Here are some suggestions for which ones are most essential for your Subaru SUV. Whether tires are considered an accessory or not may be subject to debate, but we would be remiss in not mentioning them because the right tires are critical. Specifically designed for off-roading, off-road tires are best for hardcore off-roading. All-terrain tires will work for moderate and light off-roading. A toolkit for repairs, a shovel for digging out, and traction mats are also must-haves for off-roading. Don’t forget that these things must be stored safely, or they will be a hazard when you hit bumpy terrain. Cargo straps will keep things secure, or store your off-roading accessories in a roof rack or a storage box that is bolted down. With these off-roading accessories, you will be good to go to your next off-roading destination in your Subaru SUV.

What Recovery Gear do I Need for my Off-road Trip?

Recovery gear for your Subaru SUV is the most important off-roading accessory for your trip to your selected off-roading destination. Getting stuck happens, but whether that stops you in your tracks or is just a temporary bump in the road depends on the right gear. A winch, shackles, a snatch strap, and recovery boards are essential items that you should include in your list of off-roading accessories for your Subaru. Don’t leave home without your recovery gear!
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Which Subaru Models are Best for Off-road Adventures?

Subaru SUVs are the best vehicles to take on your trip to your next off-roading destination. Subarus are designed with off-roading in mind. The Crosstek, Forester, and Ascent come with all-wheel drive standard and boast 8.7 inches of ground clearance, which are great attributes for off-roading. With the right off-roading accessories and your Subaru SUV, your next journey to your favorite off-roading destination is bound to be a success!

What are the Best Weather Conditions for Off-roading?

The ideal weather conditions to take your Subaru SUV to your off-roading destination is a matter of opinion, but most seasoned off-roaders agree that during heavy rain or snow is not the best time to go off-roading. Having the right off-roading accessories can mitigate the risks of venturing out under these conditions, but extreme weather may make the trail impassable or dangerous. This also applies just after a big rain or snowfall. However, many off-roading destinations post trail and weather conditions on their websites, so doing your homework before your next trip can pay off in time, money, and safety. Off-roading in your Subaru SUV can be safe and enjoyable in all seasons and in different weather conditions as long as you avoid weather extremes, do your research, and pack the right off-roading accessories before heading out to your off-roading destination. 
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There are many exciting off-roading destinations close by to choose from, so pack your off-roading accessories, fuel up, and hit the road in your Subaru! Contact us at Rafferty Subaru if you have more questions about the capabilities of your Subaru SUV or off-roading accessories. Have fun and safe travels! 
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