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A Subaru is a perfect vehicle to take that road trip out west you’ve been dreaming of.  The best road trips are made even better when your furry family member can join along.  However, if you plan on bringing your pet with you on your travels, keep reading to gain some tips and tricks to keep your drive safe and enjoyable for the whole family.  
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How do you travel with pets safely?

No matter the route you take or the kind of pet you bring, safety is always a top priority.  When you get into your Subaru, you feel safe because you put your seatbelt on and you’re surrounded by top of the line safety features that are designed to keep humans safe.  So how can you keep your pet as safe as you are?  First, don’t expect to just let your pet jump in the back seat and get driving.  You’ll want to get your pet acclimated to driving in the car so your pet’s first car ride won’t be when you make your trip.  Some animals get car-sick and it’s helpful to find out if this is an issue before you begin your travels.  If you see your pet is car-sick, talk to your vet about possible over the counter medications that may help.  The safest way to have your pet travel in the car is to keep them in the crate or carrier with plenty of ventilation.  The crate should be large enough so that your pet can stand up and turn around.  The crate should be secured with seat belts or straps so that does not shift or tilt as you drive.  If you’re driving and you’re taking a sip of your road-trip beverage, remember that your pet is probably thirsty too! Don’t forget to keep a water bowl in their crate or cage so they don’t become dehydrated.  Lastly, remember to never leave your pet in the car unattended on hot or cold days, as temperatures in cars can easily become dangerous.
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How do you travel long-distance with a dog?

?The key to having a successful long-distance road trip with your dog is to be prepared! Make a detailed list of all your dog’s supplies that they need day to day and make an additional list of travel-specific items.  Some essentials include food, bowls, bedding, harness and leash, ID and vaccination records, medications, towels, treats, toys, and more.  Make sure to place a soft bed or blankets in their crate so they can be comfortable in their crate while you drive.  The most effective way to ensure you and your dog will have a comfortable journey is if your dog sleeps for most of the drive.  That’s why it’s a smart idea to tire your dog out before you start your drive.  Take them for a long walk or run, play a game of fetch, or provide some mental stimulation by playing with a food puzzle.  All of these activities can wear your dog out so that the time in your Subaru will go quietly and smoothly.  If your dog does become restless or anxious, try giving them a peanut butter-filled Kong toy, or a safe chew of your choice.  Frequent breaks will be needed to stretch legs and go potty. If you’re the kind of person that likes to stop at rest stops and get a snack, make sure to take your dog out too!  If you’re the kind of person that barely comes prepared with snacks and barely hydrates just so you don’t have to stop, then traveling with a dog will be an adjustment.  Not only does traveling with a dog require a need for mindfulness, but patience and attentiveness will also be required once you arrive at your destination each evening.  Your dog may be unfamiliar with its surroundings so take it slow and give your dog time to adjust to its new environment.  
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How do you travel with a cat?

Traveling with a cat can be fun for both you and your cat if you are prepared!  Like travelling with a dog, safety is the first priority.  Make sure you keep your cat in a cat carrier and secure the carrier in the car using seat belts or straps.  Because your cat will be spending long amounts of time in the carrier to travel, you may want to get your cat used to the carrier at the very least.  The best-case scenario is if your cat truly enjoys its carrier.  Try rewarding your cat for exploring the carrier and eventually make your way up to closing the door, carrying it, and placing it in the car.  Treat heavily when you turn the engine on.  Make your first drives short and sweet with lots of treats and praise.  When you feel confident that your cat feels comfortable riding in the carrier, think about the other supplies you will need to pack.  Prepare a litter box, harness, leash, food, water, treats, and towels.  It’s smart to wait at least three hours from the time of feeding to when you hit the road. Signs your cat might not be feeling well or is anxious include drooling, meowing, panting vomiting, pacing, or going to the bathroom in the carrier.  It might help calm your cat by placing a towel over the carrier.  You can also talk to your veterinarian about calming sprays or medications to help the trip go easier.  Lastly, calming sounds or music may make the trip more enjoyable for everyone!
1280 × 853?Road trips are a blast and can be even more fun when you have your furry family members along for the ride.  Subarus are built to get you and your pets to your destination safely and in style.  
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