The Guide to Washing and Cleaning your Subaru

Spring is finally here. It’s time to get outside and enjoy all that mother nature has to offer. A Subaru provides a lot of fun and adventure on all types of excursions. Before you head out in your Subaru, it’s a great time to clean it from top to bottom. Besides leftover dirt and salt from the winter, spring pollen starts settling on and in your Subaru. Rafferty Subaru has some great tips for washing and cleaning your Subaru, so you’re ready to hit the road.

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Washing the Exterior of Your Subaru

Although it’s tempting to go through an automated car wash, it’s not the best solution. To ensure washing and cleaning a car is done right, it’s best to wash your Subaru by hand. Also, refer to the owners manual for special cleaning instructions. Some tire, fabrics, trim, and windows may require specific cleaners. Gather everything you need before you start: buckets, cleaners, soaps, mitts, clothes, hose, window cleaner, etc. Always use clean cloths and sponges. Fill two buckets with water: one for washing, and one to rinsing. 
  • Park your Subaru in the shade to wash it. Otherwise, the sun will dry the car quickly, leaving unsightly water spots. 
  • If you have mud and grime underneath your Subaru, sitting a pressure washer or sprinkler underneath the car will loosen it. Clean the toughest areas first.
  • Use a nice even spray from the garden hose to rinse your Subaru. 
  • Always wash the car from top to bottom and rinse the sponge often. Using a car wash solution, clean the car with a cloth or mitt to maintain the car’s finish. Don’t use dish soap, laundry detergents, or other household soaps as they are harsh on paint and other materials. 
  • Clean headlights and tail lights with window cleaner or vinegar. Toothpaste also works well for cleaning the “haze” off of headlights. 
  • Different types of cleaners are available for different types of wheels: chrome wheel, general purpose, and aluminum wheel cleaners. Review your owner’s manual to ensure you purchase the right one for your tires.
  • Use non-ammonia glass cleaner and a microfiber towel to clean windows, inside and out. Roll down your windows to clean the top edge. Check your manual on how to clean tinted windows, as they may require special solutions. 
  • Dry your Subaru by hand using a squeegee or lint-free microfiber soft cloth, removing any remaining dirt.
  • You may want to polish your car, using a circular motion, after it’s dry. Polish is used to remove grease, dirt, scrapes, and scratches that remain after washing, but doesn’t provide protection. For that, you’ll need to wax your car.
  • It’s important to wax your Subaru every few months to protect the paint. Apply wax, after polishing, in a thin, even layer with a soft cloth. And, use a good quality wax to keep your Subaru looking great.

Cleaning the Interior of Your Subaru

After washing the exterior of your Subaru, it’s time to clean the interior. Be proactive when it comes to cleaning the interior of your Subaru. Always keep a separate bag in the car for trash and remove clutter regularly. Clean up any dirt and spills as they happen. Remove excess pet hair with a lint roller. By doing a few simple things, cleaning the interior of your Subaru becomes a bit easier. 
  • ​Use dryer sheets to clean the dust off of the car’s dashboard. Also, place them under seats or in the glove box to keep your Subaru smelling fresh.
  • For tough odors and pet hair, sprinkle baking soda on the area and let it set for several minutes before vacuuming. It’s a great deodorizer.
  • Vacuum the seats, floor mats, and carpeting in your Subaru regularly and use a foaming carpet shampoo. Vacuum hose attachments help to clean small areas. After shampooing, air dry your Subaru with windows and doors open.
  • Treat a leather interior with a leather cleaning product, then use a conditioner. Vinyl can be cleaned with vinyl upholstery cleaner and a brush.
  • For wood trim, use a damp clean cloth and apply a bit of wax for shine.

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Subaru’s are built tough and for longevity. Washing and cleaning a car, along with regular maintenance, ensures that your Subaru remains in tip-top shape for many years. Rafferty Subaru has been serving the Philadelphia area for over 40 years. Stop in at Rafferty Subaru today to test drive a Subaru. At Rafferty Subaru, we’ll help you find the Subaru that fits your needs and lifestyle. Contact us at 888-491-8404. We look forward to assisting you!
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