Why Are Subarus Reliable and Safe?

One of the biggest concerns most car shoppers have when buying a car is its reliability.  Subaru is always one of the first manufacturers that come to mind concerning the safety and reliability of vehicles.  So the question arises: Why are Subarus reliable and why are Subarus safe?


Reasons Why Subarus Are Reliable:

1.  Subarus are the perfect combination of 4x4 truck power and smaller car size. The all-wheel-drive system and in many models you get a higher ground clearance than an average car, so it gives a person a lot of options, what I like is you can drive on paved roads, logging roads, you can go a long ways in the snow, you can usually get to work on any given day no matter how much snow there’s on the ground.

2. As far as repairs, Subarus require very little repair and maintenance is quite minimal. The major components such as engine transmission, four-wheel drive system, and differentials are super reliable, the new electronics are even reliable.  It is good to think of the Subaru as a 200,000 plus mile vehicle. The key to achieving this is routine maintenance. If this is done, well you’re going to easily get 200,000 miles plus out of it without a lot of major expense.

3. Subaru finds itself in a market sweet spot that produces outsize profits because, like an NFL receiver, it has learned how to work the seams. In the overcrowded midsize segment, for instance, Subaru sidesteps heavyweights like Camry, Accord, and Altima by equipping the Legacy with all-wheel drive (AWD), which the others don’t offer.  Subarus can dodge expensive incentives because its cars are in short supply and its relatively affluent buyers are less sensitive to promotions.


Why are Subarus Safe?

1. Subarus have advanced or superior rating for front crash prevention, as well as good ratings in the driver-side small overlap front, side, roof strength, and head restraint tests. It gives drivers ultimate control over their ride. It encompasses a number of systems that help drivers avoid crashes. Using two strategically placed cameras, located near the rearview mirror, the EyeSight System.

2.  Subarus have available crash avoidance and prevention safety features that are on the Subaru EyeSight package.

3. Where the EyeSight system is like having a co-pilot at the front of the car, the Subaru Rear Vehicle Detection system is like having eyes in the back of your head.

4. Subaru offers drivers many traditional safety features, such as airbags. Plus, they've started putting the STARLINK system in more recent models.

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