Why Having a Subaru Pays Off

Purchasing a car is a massive investment. However, some manufactures offer better deals to their customers than others. Subaru prides itself in consistently putting its customers first and offering a number of programs and packages aimed at ensuring that every purchaser is satisfied. Here are just a few reasons why buying a Subaru pays off.


First, Subaru offers its customers exclusive financing packages to help offset the cost of a new vehicle purchase. For example, Subaru offers the Guaranteed Trade-In Value program, which promises to offer the highest possible trade in value for your car for the first eight years of ownership.  Additionally, Subaru offers excellent discounts for drivers that switch to Liberty Mutual Insurance. Some of the best benefits offered are accident forgiveness, multi-car discounts, towing services and 12-month rate guarantees. Subaru also offers excellent discount programs for active military members and college graduates.


There are other perks to Subaru ownership beyond discounts and insurance benefits. By partnering with the ASPCA, Subaru has been proud to offer Subaru owners discounts on pet insurance through Liberty Mutual. Furthermore, Subaru has fostered a long-standing relationship the National Ski Patrol (NSP). By owning a Subaru, you can receive up to 20% off membership with the NSP and benefit from their expertise in emergency treatment and ski safety. Finally, all Subaru owners who purchase vehicles with SiriusXM capabilities have access to four months of free SiriusXM radio.


Subaru also offers owners the Subaru Badge of Ownership. This small gift to Subaru owners is a simple way to celebrate your active and adventurous lifestyle and commemorate how your car has played a role in that interest. The Badge of Ownership is a small icon that memorializes the number of Subarus you have owned in the past (known as your “loyalty number”). Each loyalty number is then accompanied by small pictures that represent your favorite activities, lifestyles and interests. The Badge of Ownership is our way of celebrating the individuality of every customer and allowing you express those interests by personalizing your car in your own unique way.


Lastly, owning a Subaru pays off because Subaru is committed to giving back to our community. Through the Subaru Love Program, we coordinate with a number of organizations that strive to do good in the world. We consistently give to a wide spectrum of organizations, ranging from preserving the environment, providing healthcare, stopping hunger and promoting educational opportunities. With such a diverse group of organizations to support, there is bound to be one that speaks to the causes most important to you. The Love Program does more than support our community. Every month, Subaru also recognizes an outstanding individual in society that we feel has made a positive and impactful difference in the world.


Whether you’re looking for ways to save some money following a vehicle purchase, seeking a few new perks to try out, or searching for ways to benefit your local community, owning a Subaru can certainly be one mean to achieve those ends. We’re proud to offer these be
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