Why Should I Service My Car at the Dealership? Mechanic vs Dealership

 If you’re a car owner, you know that car ownership requires good maintenance to operate efficiently. Whether the maintenance is a routine oil change or something much more difficult such as replacing the transmission, cars require specialized care to ensure that they’re running safely and properly. However, when it comes time to bring your car in for a tune-up, you might be asking yourself whether you should bring your car to the dealership or to your local mechanic. 

This can be a difficult decision. Customers surely want to pick a location that they can trust and that will provide optimal service at a reasonable price. If you’re on the fence about where to service your car, here are three reasons why it is more beneficial to bring your car to the dealership for service. 

Better Customer Satisfaction: Mechanic vs Dealership

Bringing your car in for maintenance is not just about getting your car repaired. It’s also about building a relationship with the staff. As a customer, you’re going to want to feel as though your concerns have been listened to and will be addressed. 

Dealership owners are under pressure from manufacturers to meet various performance standards throughout the facility. These standards extend to the services and repairs departments, which means that if they fail to meet certain customer service specifications, the dealership can lose the authority of operating under the manufacturers’ name. In other words, the dealership knows that if you leave unhappy with the service the manufacturer will find out about it through poor reviews and survey feedback. Therefore, the dealership is more likely to provide ideal customer service compared to an independent garage that does not have to report to anyone. 

Meeting the customer service standards of the manufacturer is not the only reason why bringing your car for service at the dealership will increase your customer satisfaction. The direct tie between the dealership and the manufacturer means that the dealership is always the first to know about safety recalls or technical service bulletins. When you bring your car in for service at a dealership, employees automatically check vehicle records for any issues that the customer is not aware of. Not every local mechanic has access to service software, which means that the issue will continue to go unnoticed until the problem has spiraled out of control and requires another visit to the shop. Having a dealer fix any outstanding service recalls while you’re already at the dealership saves you time and prevents the frustration of making numerous visits to the mechanic. 

Specialized Staff: Mechanic vs Dealership 

 When you have to get your car serviced, you really want to be sure that the technician handling your vehicle understands the ins and out of your car. In this regard, dealerships have the edge over independent mechanics. Technicians at a dealership are typically trained by the manufacturer and tend to work exclusively on the models produced by that manufacturer. This means that dealership technicians are true experts when it comes to understanding how your car operates and what is required to improve its performance. Furthermore, manufacturers typically require technicians to participate in ongoing training to ensure that they are knowledgeable of not only the most innovative repair techniques, but also informed of any specialized changes in the newest models. Simply put, having your car serviced by a highly trained technician means that you’re less likely to face any aggravation with that repair in the future. 

 Guarantees on the Work: Mechanic vs Dealership

Another great advantage to bringing your car to the dealership for service or repairs is the fact that dealers have the ability to offer warranties for your vehicle. While some smaller mechanics offer some guarantees on repairs and service, they often will not surpass a dealership warranty in time or scope the same way that a dealership will. First of all, if your car is still under warranty, your dealer will be able to perform many repairs for free. Even if your car is no longer covered by a warranty, a dealership will often offer a warranty on the repair itself. This means that if the repair fails for any reason, you should be able to have the repair fixed free of charge. Dealerships also tend to guarantee service and repairs for all manufacturer recalls and service bulletins. 

It’s also important to remember that a warranty offered through the dealership often has a larger network of locations where the warranty will be honored. A manufacturer warranty should be valid at any dealership, regardless of location. This means that if a repair from one dealership fails, you can usually bring it to another dealership to have it fixed without paying anything. Or if you’re traveling and your vehicle requires service, you should still have access to service if your car is still covered by a warranty. Independent mechanics simply don’t have that kind of flexibility.

729 × 437?Servicing your car does not have to be a hassle. Bringing your vehicle to the dealership for repairs and service offers numerous benefits and an exceptional level of security that protects not only the car, but also the customer. With greater resources and specialized expertise, there is no drawback to bringing your vehicle to the dealer for all of its servicing needs. 

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