Subaru Is Brings Safety to the Next Level: Viziv Performance

In late November 2017, Subaru unveiled their new VIZIV Performance Concept auto which previews the next-generation Subaru WRX/STI set to hit global dealers in late 2019.  The Vision for Innovation concept cars, (VIZI) demonstrates Subaru's ideas on the "future of making cars that deliver enjoyment and peace of mind to its customers."  Subaru has been methodically building its Viziv family of concept automobiles for over four years.  They are adding everything from virtual track cars to boxy, seven-seat SUVs to the lineup.  They also revealed the next evolution of their EyeSight driver assist system. Subaru says their advanced driver-assist technologies are scheduled for launch around 2020 which would coincide perfectly with the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

What Are the Advanced Driver-Assist Technologies?
Although, Subaru did not announce the new technology would officially debut at the Summer 2020 Olympics. However, they did mention that they will incorporate further enhancements to EyeSight driver-assist technology, including radar, and highly accurate GPS and navigation systems during the recent Tokyo Motor Show. Subaru, the Japanese automaker claims will allow for automated lane-changes in certain conditions.

Subaru’s stated goal is to “pursue ultimate levels of safety with the aim of eliminating automobile accidents.” They already offer vehicles with advanced highway-only autopilot functionality proven to reduce accidents on Japan roads.
The Institute for Traffic Accident Research and Data Analysis (ITARDA) investigation found Subaru vehicles equipped with the EyeSight safety system, had an 80 percent decrease in rear-end collisions between automobiles and 50 percent fewer pedestrian accidents. There was a 60 percent decrease overall in all driver accidents. The study was conducted with EyeSight-equipped Subaru vehicles from 2010 to 2014 in Japan in over 10,000 surveyed accidents.
Subaru is ahead of many Japanese automakers including Toyota and Nissan who are also working on the new safety technology. As global visitors descend on Tokyo for the summer Olympics, they could be riding in 2020 Subaru Outback, Forester and Crosstrek vehicles with new semi-autonomous technologies.

Subaru designers found inspiration in other Subaru sedan models that embody spirited and trusted the engineered performance of the Impreza, Legacy, and WRX.   Like those three Subaru staples, the new Viziv runs a boxer engine and symmetrical all-wheel drive, but it's a design study at heart, so the specs stay in the shadows to let the styling tell the story.  On the surface, the Viziv Performance bold and commanding contrast between large, defined muscles and sharp lines and corners show that it is like a sleeping pit bull ready to attack.  Under the bold exterior, the Viziv Performance resembles the WRX most closely, with its the aggressive stance, hood scoop and front air intake layout, but its styling does tie more subtly to the Legacy and Impreza. 

The Viziv Performance also serves to preview a next-gen driver assistance suite that Subaru plans to ready for 2020 or so. The system will be built around Subaru's advancing EyeSight camera technology, radar, and precision navigation hardware to help drivers navigate and control the vehicle.  In the meantime, Subaru just announced their new family designed SUV, Ascnet, slated to be released in 2019.

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