Remember to Love Your Car, Too! Car Maintenance

Remember when you first saw your spouse? The thrill. The excitement. The attention given. All this was wrapped-up in your early courtship.  As life happened, you both created a normalcy, becoming used to each other and sometimes taking each other for granted.  Yes, you still love one another, you still appreciate one another, but do you show it? That’s one of the beauties of Valentine’s Day.  This day is a moment for reflection and love.   Much like the evolution of a romantic relationship, your relationship with your car often evolves.  In order to maintain our relationships with our loved ones we need to show them we still love and appreciate them, likewise we need to keep our car in good repair by performing check ups regularly.   We forget how important it is to maintain the very vehicles we depend on to get us to all the important moments in our lives.  Performing periodic check-ups might cost you about $1,000/year, but not doing it could cost upwards of $8,000.  Read more to find out some of the key check-ups required for your car’s health.

Regular Oil Changes:

Yes, we used to be told every 3,000 miles we needed to change the oil in our cars.  Now, a good rule of thumb is about 5,000 due to the improvements in engine and oil technology.  Doing this can significantly increase the life of your vehicle.  Be sure to use the right kind of oil when getting an oil change, today you have three choices: engine oil, synthetic oil, and a synthetic blend.

  1. Engine oil: best for light-mileage, late-model cars with light annual wear.

  2. Synthetic oil: this oil has a higher viscosity than regular engine oil, resistance to thermal breakdown, improves fuel efficiency, increase horsepower, and helps fight against the traditional oil sludge.  

  3. Synthetic blend oil: offers many of the benefits of the synthetic oil, but significantly less expensive for the car owner.  


It is important to have clean connections and a fully charged battery to ensure the health of your vehicle.  No one wants to have their car stalling, check engine lights appearing, memory loss, and having anti-theft no-start problems all that have a relationship to a weak car battery.

Tire rotation:

Everyone hates to buy new tires, because they cost so much.  One way to extend the usage of your tires, is to rotate them from the front to the back, every 7,500 miles.

Brake System:

Arguably, the most important feature on your car, brakes do in fact need to be periodically replaced.  No vehicle will stop effectively with worn brake pads and or rotors.  Changing your brake pads gives you maximum performance of the braking system by maintaining optimum friction pad depth.  This is important for your safety and those around you.  

Love your car.  Show it you love it, and your car relationship will last for miles and miles. A few simple maintenance checks and service appointments will save you in money over the long haul and keep your car in top shape. Rafferty Subaru service departments are here to help.  Your Subaru has a maintenance schedule set by the manufacturer that will keep you and your car on track - and you’ll love the friendly courteous service you will receive.  Come on in and let us show you how we “Share the Love” this February!

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